DIY Mold removal – Tips for getting rid of it yourself

No Matter what part of the world you reside in, there are many changes that the mold would start appearing in some areas of the home if you did not pay attention to maintaining your home regularly. Everybody knows that dealing with the mold is quite a difficult, therefore, most of the people consider hiring the Restoration USA to remove the mold in a professional way. Click Here and see some professional tips on how can you remove the mold from your home.

However, removing the mold is not impossible at all and you can remove it on your own if you want. Sometimes, the mold starts appearing in some visible areas and sometimes it starts growing in a hidden area. The difference of color is also a very common thing which means that sometimes mold appears in the white color and sometimes it appears in the black color.

There are many branded products available in the stores that you can use to remove mold from a particular area but you can also some household products for this purpose. Here are the tips that can help in getting rid of the mold.


Bleach is the most useful and effective product that can be used to remove the mold from different parts of your home. Almost all the indoor species of the mold can be removed with the help of the bleach. The bleach will completely kill the mold and its spores and it will also protect that place from future damage.

Unfortunately, the bleach can only be beneficial if the mold is growing on materials like countertops, glass, bathtubs, and tiles. If the mold is growing under materials like wood and drywall, the bleach won’t help in removing the mold at all. The bleach may help in removing the upper layer of the mold in such areas but it won’t kill them completely.


Borax is a natural cleaning product that is very helpful in killing the mold. There are no harmful chemicals or fumes included in the borax which means that it won’t damage any part of your home and it won’t be harmful to your health at all. Borax is a natural mold inhibitor so you kill and remove the mold by mixing the borax with the water. Borax is also used as a fungicide, herbicide, and insecticide.


Vinegar is another mold removal product that can completely remove the mold from your home but it is not useful in all the situations. It means that the vinegar is only helpful for killing some particular types of mold and it cannot kill the others that are more powerful.