Protecting Pets

Protecting Pets from Bug Bites & Eggs

Lots of people worry about mosquito bites when they are out enjoying the comfortable summer weather at night, but often there is someone else that we are neglecting when it comes to outdoor protection.  Bugs like to attack all sorts of organisms if they are the parasitic kind– the types of pests that like to feed on blood or get its nutrients from living things in a way that causes harm to its host.  Parasites are not just scary creatures like the ones from the science fiction movies; they can also be the familiar bugs that bite our cats and dogs.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if our pets have been bitten by pesky bugs like fleas, ticks, or mosquitos.  Cats and dogs often have fur that thoroughly covers their skin, making identification of bites impossible without the purchase of a good comb first.  Felines may also be difficult to get a hold of, since they do not like being touched in places that are sensitive– this would include areas that could have raw skin from over itching.

The best way to protect pets is by making sure that your home, as well as your yard and surrounding area, is proactively protected against pests.  Preventing unpleasant critters like fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and bed bugs from ever invading in the first place, should always be your plan A.  And when you make sure to take care in choosing fantastic professionals for the task, there will never be a need for a plan B in protecting pets from bug bites and eggs.

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