How to Know if Your Dog Has Bed Bugs?

When you keep a dog or any other pet at home, you should learn everything about their behavior because the pets can’t express the situation they are going through. And the owners that do not study the nature of their pets are unable to figure out if their pet is going through a severe health issue. And this is what causes a lot of trouble to the pet and finally, the disease starts traveling to the other animals around.

In fact, the owner of the pet may also suffer from the disease if it is not addressed on time. And the side effects of these diseases can be very critical. Most of the people prefer keeping the dogs as their pets, therefore, we have decided to talk about the most common problem that dogs may suffer from. This problem usually occurs in the humans but sometimes, the pets like dogs and cats may also suffer from these issues.

Yes, we are talking about the bed bugs that can cause a lot of harm to your pet. If you want to protect your dog from bed bugs, you should purchase a high-quality crate for them where they may spend most of their time. The high-quality crates won’t let the bed bugs get in. You can take a look at the best dog crate reviews if you want to find the high-quality crate for your dog.

Let’s take a look at the information about how you can determine if your dog has bed bugs.

Skin Irritations

The skin irritation is the most common issue that starts appearing when dogs have bed bugs. The dogs keep scratching their body throughout the day and they feel very irritated. Sometimes, the dogs start scratching their body with the walls and other objects and the owners think that it is happening because the dog hasn’t take bath for a while.

So, they wash his entire body properly but after washing their body the problem keeps appearing again and again. And they become very worried about their dog’s situation.

Hair loss

According to one Houston vet, hair loss is another common issue that starts with the dogs when they have bed bugs. The bed bugs keep biting different parts of their body. And as a result, their scalp starts getting weak and right after a few days, the hairs start falling. If they are suffering from an immediate hair loss, it means they have bed bugs and you should get them removed as soon as possible otherwise, they may cause a lot of harm to you and your pet as well.

Skeletons of bugs

The discarded skeletons of bugs are also the indication that your dog has bed bugs. If there are always some red or brown color objects found at the place where your dog was sitting, it means that they are having bed bugs and they are going through a very critical phase. Here is more information about how you can determine if your dog has bed bugs.

How-to Guide For Cleaning Your Air Ducts?

The cleanliness of the air ducts is extremely important as it provides you several amazing benefits. The clean air ducts provide you the healthy and fresh air to breathe in. And there is no need to argue upon the importance of fresh because everybody knows that how the bad quality of air can affect your health. In this situation, the air ducts play an important role in improving the air quality.

The air ducts are also very helpful in increasing the durability of the heating system. Therefore, it is important that you regularly clean your air ducts to maintain a healthy environment. Most of the people hire the expert cleaners to clean the air ducts. The expert cleaners can definitely clean the air ducts in a better way but hiring them can be really expensive.

You should only hire the expert cleaners once in a year and for the rest of the year, you should clean the air ducts on your own. The air duct cleaning isn’t as complicated as you consider it to be. With proper equipment and knowledge, you can clean the air ducts like an expert. Here the tips that you can use to clean your air ducts.

Equipment you may need

Vacuum, Brush, Paper Towels, Furnace filter and the screwdriver or Hex Driver are the accessories that you may need to complete this process. Choosing the right accessories that are completely suitable for the situation is the key to complete the job in a successful way. Most of these accessories would already be available in your home so you won’t need to spend a lot of money on purchasing the accessories.

However, if you don’t have these accessories available in your home, you must purchase them because they would be helpful each time you are cleaning the air ducts.

Here are the steps you need to follow when cleaning the air ducts

  1. Use the paper towels to cover up your supply air registers. Thus, the dislodged dust won’t be able to get into your room while you are working. You can wrap the paper towel around the register by lifting it up and then you can replace it.
  2. The fans must be turned on so that they can throw the dust away that you are removing from the ducts.
  3. Now, start removing the dust from each and every duct with the help of the brush. If you are doing this for the first time, you’d have to find all the ducts that are available in the home.
  4. Now, it’s time to clean the supply register. Usually, people keep cleaning the supply registers that are in their range. But you should carefully clean them while you are cleaning the ducts.
  5. Put everything back into place because your air ducts are now ready to supply fresh and healthy air.