Tiny flea pests– d.i.y. doesn’t work

We have some friends of ours who just absolutely adore animals.  Their whole house is filled with lots of cat and dog toys and beds.  The funniest thing about it, is that usually the cats and dogs just want to take up space on the couch and dart in and out of free cardboard boxes.  Most of the time, pets do not care if you spend a lot of money on them or not.  But one of the biggest mistakes you can make to cut corners, is by purchasing used animal items which are likely to bring in outside pests like fleas and ticks.

You may notice your dog itching behind his ears a lot lately, then tick or flea bites are the likely cause.  However, it is hard to spot these creatures that are the size of a dot, in the mountain of pet fur.  But once you’ve found them and successfully identified the problem, you still need to work on a solution to get rid of fleas or ticks as soon as possible.

One of the tips our friends heard online, was to leave a bowl of soapy water with a lit candle out where you believe the fleas reside.  They told us it was a complete failure of a D.I.Y. project, and that patience and dedication to pest removal professionally is the course that best works for them.  If you are on the same page, then stick around for more news.

Getting rid of bed bugs!

The phrase “Goodnight.  Sleep tight.  Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” has old origins.  Before commercially available comfy beds like Sleep Number or Sealy or Simmons were available, before electricity even, our beds were tightened rope net hammocks on a wooden frame with straw mats as mattresses.  This made bed bugs and other pests especially common and in order to spread awareness and keep them at bay, it would make sense that such a phrase was created.  While bed bugs are not a threat to anyone’s lives, their bites cause itchiness and their droppings and eggs will cause a noticeable decline in the safety of your food.

The hardest part about getting rid of bed bugs, is that they hide in places that we cannot reach on our own.  There may be tons of do it yourself, or home made bed bug remedies that claim to work but it is more likely that you will not be able to kill the source of the infestation without professional equipment and training.  Especially if you believe that fumigation may be the best choice for Bed Bugs Control Bakersfield, you may be surprised to find a variety of solutions.  If there is no reason to evacuate your home or business for an extended period of time, then you should not have to.  Especially when it comes to commercial bed bug removal needs, fumigation can even be dangerous if you are doing the job yourself, or whether an inexperienced person possibly does you wrong.

There is no real way to wash bed bugs out of your mattress entirely, so remember that your first and foremost priority after seeking treatment, is purchasing a new mattress for added security.  Be smart with your consumer choices when seeking professional pest removal services, and stick around with us for more updates.



Protecting Pets from Bug Bites & Eggs

Lots of people worry about mosquito bites when they are out enjoying the comfortable summer weather at night, but often there is someone else that we are neglecting when it comes to outdoor protection.  Bugs like to attack all sorts of organisms if they are the parasitic kind– the types of pests that like to feed on blood or get its nutrients from living things in a way that causes harm to its host.  Parasites are not just scary creatures like the ones from the science fiction movies; they can also be the familiar bugs that bite our cats and dogs.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if our pets have been bitten by pesky bugs like fleas, ticks, or mosquitos.  Cats and dogs often have fur that thoroughly covers their skin, making identification of bites impossible without the purchase of a good comb first.  Felines may also be difficult to get a hold of, since they do not like being touched in places that are sensitive– this would include areas that could have raw skin from over itching.

The best way to protect pets is by making sure that your home, as well as your yard and surrounding area, is proactively protected against pests.  Preventing unpleasant critters like fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and bed bugs from ever invading in the first place, should always be your plan A.  And when you make sure to take care in choosing fantastic professionals for the task, there will never be a need for a plan B in protecting pets from bug bites and eggs.

Itchy lately? Mosquitos might not be to blame.

Some of our fondest memories of the summer are the multitude of mosquito bites that come after a fun night out of bonfires, roasted weenies, and ooey gooey s’mores.  Especially with the summer camp kids swollen, red, and very itchy bumps are to be expected when the weather is nice and everyone wants to get things done outside.

But those itchy, red bites may not be from mosquitos.  People often mistake bed bug bites with mosquito bites, and then do not realize that their home is being invaded by unwanted critters.  Unfortunately, there is no real way to distinguish mosquito bites from bed bug bites.  But if you have not been in mosquito populated areas recently and notice a lot itchiness on the areas of skin that are not covered by our pajamas while we sleep.  Bed bugs tend to bite us the most around our feet and ankles, as they are the most easily accessible.

If you suspect that your latest skin irritations are the result of bed bugs, then you should consider consulting professional services.  These bugs do not live and hang out in places that are clearly visible, so detection can be difficult without the proper equipment.

Wasp Stingers vs. Bee Stingers

One of the most potentially dangerous pests that can live near our homes and businesses, are wasps.  Bees, on the other hand, are amazing creatures that pollenate our apple orchards and make delicious honey that pretty much no human can turn down.  But especially for those of us past our twenties, getting a close enough look at these insects in order to tell them apart, can be a challenge.

The future generations are catching on though, on the importance of bees.  We realize that we cannot simply crush every bug we see because it is the ones like bees that are very beneficial to the plants, the animals that eat them, and the humans that can’t get enough of that sweet honey.

The most noticeable difference between wasps and bees, are their stingers.  Unfortunately, we often do not notice this difference with our eyes, but once we are stung.  Bees have curved, barbed stingers which are actually attached to their guts; this is why once you are stung, it will die.  On the other hand, wasps can sting you multiple times because their stinger is not hooked up like a bee’s.  So the next time you hear buzzing and think about waving your hands around, get a second look first so you know who you are dealing with.